The Center for Applied Biodiversity Science (CABS) at Conservation International, in collaboration with The World Conservation Union(IUCN) recently held a conference to discuss discoveries and recommendations concerning global biodiversity preservation.

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The conference served as a forum, both for identifying a concrete strategy for salvaging biodiversity in highly threatened areas and to develop a proactive plan for biodiversity conservation. Learn moreabout its agenda, scope and key players.

For the first time, world leaders presented and discussed issues related to the conference’s goal of producing an integrated biodiversity conservation strategy, and proposed actions that could be implemented immediately. Learn more about the issues.

Can We Defy Nature’s End?
A Science Magazine article entitled, Can We Defy Nature’s End, says yes and details a $30 billion cost of saving biodiversity.
Read article in Science. Download pdf file of Conservation International press release.

A diverse group of participants from the private sector, government, research and conservation organizations met to assess the present status of biodiversity and create a practical blueprint for addressing the most immediate conservation needs. Find out who they were.