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What is the show that is held on Kartini’s day in South Tangerang?

Those who want to know about what happen in South Tangerang can simply visit to get the information. Generally, the idea of visiting a website is so good when you want to find more information about your place. Due to the hectic schedules that consumes up your time, it would be so hard for you to find the time to watch the news.

For your information, there is some information about the communities in South Tangerang. Since Indonesia is celebrating Kartini’s day on April 21st, a community called WaFat, stands for Komunitas Warung Filsafat hold the tribute to R.A Kartini. We are pretty sure for those who do not even know about it would be asking so many questions like how the show is going and also about every single thing that happen there. If you do not have idea about it, just visit to read further information.